We custom design and produce displays to fit each custom spec-requirement for both indoor and outdoor applications. Our vast R&D resources and the in-depth engineering expertise in specialty display technologies can effectively service many unique requirements of customers who are constantly seeking the most state-of-the-art Visual Tech Solutions.  

  • IP65/67/68 Rated Waterproof & Weatherproof FHD/UHD LCD Displays (26" ~ 100")  
  • IP65 Rated Waterproof & Weatherproof LCD KIOSKs (55", 75", 86" and 100" based)  
  • Transparent 4K-UHD Touch-Enabled LCD displays (55", 75" and 86")
  • Transparent LED FILM displays (True Adhesive Film; Not See-Thru gaps): P4 (true 4mm in all directions as patented) & P8 (true 8mm in all directions as patented) for both Indoor (1,500 NITS) and Outdoor (IP65 Waterproof @ 5,000 NITS) applications
  • Curved LCD displays (convex and concave): 32" ~ 100"
  • Custom-Cut "FLEX-SIZE" LCDs: 1/2-cut, 1/3-cut and 2/3-cut 55", 75", 86" or 100" LCD 
  • 55" LCD Video-Wall displays (Bezel Thinness: 0.9mm/bezel type & 1.8mm/bezel type)
  • Indoor & Outdoor LED video-walls (P0.9 ~ P26)
  • Weatherproof IP65 Rated Digital Drive-Thru Menu Boards (3,500 NITS) 
  • And many more "Xtreme" grade commerical displays (indoor and outdoor)


Transform Your Imagination Into Bright Reality.

We strive to innovate and develop the most unique, the most prestigious
and the most durable environmental True-Weatherproof outdoor displays.