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  • We are a Silicon-Valley-grown DOOH solutions corporation, dedicated to display engineering and R&D, as well as manufacturing of the most unique and the most weatherable outdoor displays, custom-built indoor specialty displays as well as cloud-based state-of-the-art content management systems (CMS).
  • P2P strives to innovate and develop the highest quality, the most unique and the most durable environmental displays the global market has ever experienced.
  • UL Certified IP65/67/68 TRUE WATERPROOF & WEATHERPROOF DISPLAY TECHNOLOGIES, manufactured in South Korea (with 100% of all components made in South Korea).


  • a Reseller, private-labeling 3rd party products, or
  • a Wholesale or Distribution channel, carrying 3rd party products, or
  • a "Wanna-be" outdoor display company, buying 3rd party indoor Consumer-Grade HDTVs (unqualified for outdoor use) and sealing the edges with silicone and velcro tapes, or
  • a Pseudo-Weatheproof outdoor display company, enclosing completely unsuitable indoor Consumer-Grade HDTVs in a bulky and unsightly plastic or metalic housing with a few fans inside 


Gary Lee (President & CEO): With global high-tech solutions network and CE industry relationships with many corporations in North America, Europe and Asia, Mr. Lee brings in over 25 years of high-tech executive expertise in global business and market development, and technical sales & marketing from his career at Fortune 100 Silicon Valley corporations: Applied Materials, Mitsubishi, NEC and ATI (Broadcom).

Jeff Kim (Vice President & CTO): With award-winning mechanical engineering expertise and track records, Mr. Kim brings over 35 years of top-echelon technologies in AV and Military-Grade communication device weatherproofing and enclosure, equipment manufacturing, quality control protocols, as well as divisional management expertise. 

Jay Park (CFO): With over 27 years in multi-industry corporate finance management and global financing oversight and control experiences, Mr. Park manages the company's core value with financial strategies and management for a strong fiscal growth. 

Sid Saldanha (VP Business Development): With proven track records in the industry, Mr. Saldanha brings in over 30 years of expertise in business development and global marketing campaigns with a massive global network of key resources.   

Danny Villanueva (Advisory)





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Transform Your Imagination Into Bright Reality.

We strive to innovate and develop the most unique, the most prestigious
and the most durable environmental True-Weatherproof outdoor displays.